Interilae-org-logo-ilae-ronational League Against Epilepsy

The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) was founded in 1909 and is an organisation of more than 100 national chapters.  The goals of the ILAE are: to advance and disseminate knowledge about epilepsy;  to promote research, education and training and to improve services and care for patients, especially by prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

srnp-logoThe Romanian Society for Pediatric Neurology (SRNP)

SRNP promotes pediatric neurology through scientific activities including medical research, education and training in pediatric neurology. We promote the status quo of pediatric neurology whilst taking into account its complexity in line with current European trends.

asner-logoThe Romanan Society for Neurophysiology and Electrodiagnosis

The society aims to gather doctors and specialists who practice electroencephalography, electromyography, development speed and other Electro-neurophysiology methods for diagnoses.

snrlogoThe Romanian Society for Neurology

The Romanian Society for Neurology is a non-profit professional and scientific borganisation for neurologists. The society is independent from a structure, function and economic perspective. It includes highly educated and specialised Romanian doctors, clinical staff and researches who are interested in learning, practicing or conducting research related to neurology and related fields.

dravetSociety for DRAVET and other rare Epilepsies 

The DRAVET Syndrome is an incurable form of epilepsy which can begin in the first year of life and affects 1 in 20,000 children. Apart from the extremely severe epileptic seizures that are very hard to control, DRAVET oftenly involves development and language issues as well as an inability to walk.